Zooper Bolero – Best Stroller You Have Never Heard Of

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If you are in the market for a stroller that is unusual, beautiful, practical and can be used from newborn on up, consider the Zooper Bolero.

The Zooper Bolero has some brilliant design point.  For instance, while Peg Perego Pliko P3 and Maclaren Quests are great strollers, any parent who has owned one will tell you that the 2-handle style is great for a compact fold, but hard to push with one hand without hurting your wrist.  The Zooper Bolero has the compact fold of the Peg Perego Pliko P3 and a traditional single handlebar that makes steering with one hand a breeze.

The Zooper Bolero seat also converts into a bassinet for newborns, so you don’t have to put a bassinet attachment onto the frame like you do with Bugaboo Frog and Bugaboo Chameleon strollers.  Also, the Zooper Bolero is compatible with popular infant car seats including the Graco Snug Ride, which some strollers in the same $300 price range such as the Maclaren Quest are not.

The Zooper Bolero is also a great value.  Zooper products are very durable, I had a Zooper Waltz for about 3 years as my main stroller, and it was in great shape when I passed it along to another mom.

They also come with accessories that other stroller manufacturers such as Maclaren charge extra for including a cup holder, rain cover, UV shade, and boot or sleeping bag.  My son was shy, so the UV cover was wonderful for him because it kept strangers from touching him in stores (if you are an expectant parent you will be surprised at how often this happens).  The UV cover is like a mesh shade that covers the stroller and also darkens the stroller’s interior to make napping on the go a calmer experience.

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