How to give your partner a good foot massage

The truth is, a bad massage is worse than no massage at all. It is, however, not so hard to learn to give a good, sensual and relaxing massage. This article will provide a simple guide on how you can give your partner a good foot massage.

The first step is to make your partner lay in a good position for massage. It is advised that your partner should first lay on his/her back, but in the course of massaging, rotate to allow different movements of feet and ankles.

Before you start massaging, allow his/her feet to soak in warm to hot water for a period of about ten minutes. If you want, you can add scented oils or foaming gel in the warm water. You can also rub the feet of your partner to remove any dirt, while at the same making him/her feel relaxed. After that, dry his/her feet with a towel.

Massage experts recommend that you should use creams instead of lotions. This is because, creams tend to be thicker, thus giving best massage experience. You should then warm the cream to make it feel more comfortable on your partner when you apply it. After making all these necessary preparations, you are now ready to give a massage to your partner.

There are basically five techniques you can use to give your partner a good massage. They include rubbing the heel of the foot in small circles with little pressure, using cross-fiber friction on his heels, using both hands to massage around the ankle bone and using your fist to massage the arch of the feet.

Also, you can look around shops to purchase the best foot massager which you can be used to massage your partner after day’s activities. You can find this by doing proper research on the internet to look at the features of various foot massagers and choosing the one you think is the best.


How to give best massage”

How to give your partner best foot massage”